Casual raiding is a subjective term, used to distinguish raiding that is slower-paced than "hardcore raiding". The term is often used by guilds to indicate that their raiding is not as demanding as the average raiding guild on their server. Depending on the guild, they may require less of a time commitment, lower quality pre-guild gear, or may indicate that the guild is open to prospective raiders who have never set foot in a raid before.

Casual raiding guilds will have a set time to raid, but they are not mandatory. If players show up late to the start time, they will still be invited to the raid. If players leave early from the raid, there will be no punishment. If players want to skip a raid day and focus on other things in wow, it is perfectly okay.

Casual raiding guilds will take people into raids that have little to no experience. They will also take any player who wants to raid, even if their gear is not up to par for the raid. Casual raiding gives everyone the experience of raiding, no matter what their skill level is.

Pros of casual raiding

  • Offers access to raid content without serious time commitments.
  • Raid interaction tends to be more friendly and open to newer players.
  • Often times fewer loot restrictions than hardcore raiding.

Cons of casual raiding

  • It is much slower raid progression-wise than hardcore raiding.
  • Class balance tends to be less stable since there are fewer restrictions.
  • Loot distribution is far more random than in hardcore raiding and may be less rewarding to more dedicated players.

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