NOTE: Some addons listed here require you to enable "load out-of-date addons".

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Simple status legend:
Rep hated icon 18x18.png – Not compatible with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta and mostly or completely broken; possibly breaks other Cataclysm functionality or other addons.
Rep neutral icon 18x18.png – Partially compatible with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta; core functionality works but with errors.
Rep revered icon 18x18.png – Compatible with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta with near full functionality.
Rep unknown icon 18x18.png – Compatibility is unknown with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Testing requested.
Name Status Purpose Notes
_NPCScan compatibleCompatible 12942 @WoWInterface or @CurseForge (Version
Addon Control Panel compatibleCompatible 12942 Addon Management @Curse
Align compatibleCompatible 12857
Altoholic incompatibleIncompatible 13117 Alt & Inventory Management Seriously broken. Worked first time but since then the beta freezes when I try to enter the only character I tried it with. Deleted cache, the add-on, and the character's WTF folder. Cata still seizes. Had to copy the character over again.
Arkinventory partialPartial 12857 Inventory Lua errors prevent configuration, but if you copy the saved variables file from a live realm WoW install, it's quite usable in beta. May take some time when you first login before it scans your bags properly, also.
Auctioneer partialPartial 12857 Auctions
Autobar incompatibleIncompatible 12857
AutoRepSwitch compatibleCompatible 13117 Reputation @Curse
AzCastBar compatibleCompatible 12857
BadKitty incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Class Rotation
Bagnon compatibleCompatible 12942 Inventory WoWInterface
BankStack compatibleCompatible 12942 Hacked together working version Sylvanaar's Cata Version
Bartender 4 partialPartial 12857 Action Bars Vehicle bars broken, causes other errors. Bar paging is also broken. (Note: bar paging only seemed broken for existing profiles which I'd migrated by copying my WTF folder. If I started from scratch with a completely new profile, bar paging seemed to work fine).
Basic Experience Bar incompatibleIncompatible 12857 XP Bar
Bison compatibleCompatible 12857
Btex partialPartial 12857 Loads, just unable to change textures, stuck with default.
Buffet partialPartial 12857 doesn't recognize the newer consumables
BugGrabber compatibleCompatible 12942 Bugs
BugSack compatibleCompatible 12942 Bugs
ButtonFacade compatibleCompatible 12857 Action Bar Skin
caelNamePlates compatibleCompatible 12857 Nameplates
CalendarAltTracker compatibleCompatible 12942
Carbonite incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Addon does not generate Lua errors but does not work in general. Also, the addon appears to eat your framerate.
cargBags compatibleCompatible 12857
Chatter compatibleCompatible 12857 Chat
ChatSounds compatibleCompatible 12942 Chat @Curse @WoWInterface
ChocolateBar compatibleCompatible 12857
ChronoBars compatibleCompatible 12857 WoWInterface Cataclysm beta
Clique compatibleCompatible 12942 UnitFrames WoWInterface Cataclysm beta
Cork partialPartial 12857 working except for buffs (which is sort of the point)
Critline compatibleCompatible 12857
Cromulent incompatibleIncompatible 12857
Deadly Boss Mods compatibleCompatible 12984 Boss Encounters DBM Alpha
DockingStation compatibleCompatible 12857
Dominos partialPartial 12942 Action Bars WoWInterface Cataclysm beta
Doom_CooldownPulse compatibleCompatible 12857
DragViewPort compatibleCompatible 12942 Viewport @Curse
DrDamage partialPartial 12857 works. Spells show incorrect damage due to coefficient changes
EasyDestroy compatibleCompatible 12942 Destroy items @Curse
Eavesdrop compatibleCompatible 12857
EPGP compatibleCompatible 12857 Looting Points Appears to be working as intended
EventHorizon partialPartial 12857 Class configs need to be updated for new talents and spell IDs. Author is aware and working on it.
Examiner compatibleCompatible 12857
Extended Raid Info compatibleCompatible 12857 Appears to be working as intended
FPSideBar compatibleCompatible 12942 Aside from the frame being misaligned, it works fine. @Curse
FlightMap Unknown Flight Point Data
FloTotemBar partialPartial 12857 Totems
FluidFrames compatibleCompatible 12942 v2.3 + patch
Fortress compatibleCompatible 12857
FuBar compatibleCompatible 12942
Fragile3 compatibleCompatible 12942 Aggro @Curse @WoWInterface
FuBar LocationFu compatibleCompatible 12942
FuBar MoneyFu partialPartial 12942 Works, but has configuration problems
FuBar NameToggleFu partialPartial 12942 Works for the most part, but encounter Lua errors when trying to configure.
FreebTip compatibleCompatible 12857
Gatherer incompatibleIncompatible 12857 More than a dozen errors on startup, didn't try functionality after that...
GatherMate incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Gathering More than a dozen errors on startup, didn't try functionality after that...
Gearscore Unknown Gearscore
GearScoreLite partialPartial 12857 Gearscore Shows GearScore on own items but prevents inspecting
GoGoMount compatibleCompatible 12857 Mounts @CurseForge
GreySeller compatibleCompatible 12857
Grid incompatibleIncompatible UnitFrames
GTFO compatibleCompatible 12942 Combat @Curse
Gyro: Get Your Raid On compatibleCompatible 12984 Macro Latest version works on live and Cataclysm/PTR.
Healbot Continued compatibleCompatible 12857 UnitFrames Alpha currently at [1] or if you have curse set release to alpha. As of 10:16 am CST on 10/13/2010 The site is down on which to download this addon.
Hear Kitty compatibleCompatible 12984 Sound, Combat Latest version works on live and Cataclysm/PTR.
IceHud compatibleCompatible 12857 HUD WoWInterface Cataclysm beta Curse/WoWAce Cataclysm alphas
ImpIgnore compatibleCompatible 12857 Chat Graphical glitch but, otherwise, works fine. @Curse
JunkDrop compatibleCompatible 12857 Bags Chat commands (/junkdrop or /jd) work fine. LDB functionality untested.
kgPanels compatibleCompatible 12857 UI Apprnce WoWInterface Cataclysm beta
LunarSphere partialPartial 12857
Macaroon compatibleCompatible 12857 Macro Bar WoWInterface Cataclysm beta
MacroBank compatibleCompatible 12942 Macros
MapNotes Unknown Map Annotation
Mapster compatibleCompatible 12857 Map
metaHUD incompatibleIncompatible 12857 HUD
MikScrollingBattleText partialPartial 12857 Combat Text Scrolling Areas won't save their positions
Minimalist compatibleCompatible 12942 @Curse
MonkeyQuest compatibleCompatible 12984 Questing @Curse
MoveAnything! compatibleCompatible 12942 @WoWInterface
MultiAuction compatibleCompatible 12942 Auctions
NeedToKnow compatibleCompatible 12942 @Curse
Ninja Panel compatibleCompatible 12857
NoBuff incompatibleIncompatible Removing buffs is now protected. @Curse
oGlow compatibleCompatible 12857
OmniCC compatibleCompatible 12857 Cooldown
Omen compatibleCompatible 12857 Threat
Onebag3 compatibleCompatible 12857 Bags
OPie incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Restricted environment broken in current beta build; may work fine in future builds.
OpenAllBags compatibleCompatible 12857 Bags
oUF compatibleCompatible 12857 UnitFrames
oRA2 Unknown
PallyPower partialPartial 12942 Buffs wow interface
Parrot incompatibleIncompatible 12984 Combat Text Cata Version At WoWAce
PassLoot compatibleCompatible 12942 Main UI works, havn't tested in a group yet.
Pawn compatibleCompatible 12984 Items Latest version works on live and Cataclysm/PTR.
Perl Classic Unit Frames compatibleCompatible 12984 UnitFrames @CurseForge @WoWInterface
PitBull 4 compatibleCompatible 12857 UnitFrames Curse/WoWAce Beta
PlayedTimer compatibleCompatible 12942 Session timer Recently updated. @Curse
Postal compatibleCompatible 12857
Power Auras Classic partialPartial 12857 HUD v3.0.0R+ WoWInterface/ Has an issue with animated font.
Prat compatibleCompatible 12942 Chat @Curse
Prospect compatibleCompatible 12942 Profession @Curse
QuestHelper Unknown Questing Current code creates ui element explicitly stating doesn't work, won't update
QuestGuru incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Questing
Quartz compatibleCompatible 13195 Casting Bar
Raid Watch 2 Unknown
Ranch compatibleCompatible 12857
RandomCompanion compatibleCompatible 13066 Mounts and Pets Cataclysm Version
RatingBuster incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Tooltips
Recount compatibleCompatible 12857 Combat Log
RepairGear compatibleCompatible 12857
Rhadatip incompatibleIncompatible 12857 Shows interface, but interface doesn't respond to clicks
Rogue Focus Classic compatibleCompatible 12942 Curse clone
Routes Unknown
Satrina Buff Frames incompatibleIncompatible 12942
SetTheory compatibleCompatible 12857 Without CancelBuff or Glyph actions (CancelBuff is now protected, waiting on secure template and the glyph frame is currently too buggy to work with.)
Sexymap compatibleCompatible 12857 Map
ShadowedUnitFrames partialPartial 12857 UnitFrames Blessed branch exists to reinstate functionality in Simplistic Unit Frames
SimpleRepair compatibleCompatible 12857
Simple Raid Target Icons compatibleCompatible 12942 Raid Marking @Curse
Skada partialPartial 12857 Combat Log
SkillsTip incompatibleIncompatible Obsolete. @Curse
SLData Text partialPartial 12857 Unable to move some items
Speaking compatibleCompatible 12857
Speedy Actions compatibleCompatible 12857 Auctions
SquawkAndAwe partialPartial 12857 It won't show the Eclipse buff normally, but if you have the show cooldown option enabled it will start a 30sec timer when Eclipse procs, so you can track it that way. It still tracks dots and cooldowns just fine.
sThreatMeters2 compatibleCompatible 12857 Threat
Stocker compatibleCompatible 12942 Merchant @Curse
Stuf Unit Frames incompatibleIncompatible 12857 UnitFrames
SunnArt compatibleCompatible 12857
TBag compatibleCompatible 12857
tekKompare compatibleCompatible 12857
teksJunkSeller compatibleCompatible 12857
teksLoot compatibleCompatible 12857
Tidy Plates compatibleCompatible 12857
Titan Panel incompatibleIncompatible 12857
TradesBar compatibleCompatible 12942 Toolbar @Curse
TriviaBot compatibleCompatible 13277 Mini-Games @Curse
UIOoCFade compatibleCompatible 12857 @Curse
VanasKoS compatibleCompatible 12942 Updating this for Cata is currently in progress. Download the latest alpha from WoWAce. Use the tickets section of the same site to report any bugs you run across in Cata. My forum account for beta is currently broken so please use wowace to communicate.
Vengeance Status compatibleCompatible 13066 Buffs Attack power from Vengeance @Curse
Vuhdo partialPartial 12857 UnitFrames Cata version at Vuhdo support forum
WIM Wow instant messenger compatibleCompatible 12942 Chat Mod Current version works
Wowhead Looter compatibleCompatible 12942 Update Wowhead's engine to receive the new addon.
WowLua compatibleCompatible 12942 This was marked as incompatible but I haven't encountered a single error while using it in the Cataclysm beta.
X-Perl partialPartial 12857 UnitFrames Cata version at WoWAce
XRayVision compatibleCompatible 12942 Inventory @Curse
YARA compatibleCompatible 12942 Death Knight 4.0.1-compatible version (r41) available @Curse
ZOMGBuffs incompatibleIncompatible 12942 Buffs Addon unmaintained, loads but UI does not function at all in Cataclysm or 4.0.1