Images noticed to be over 500 kb. Images tagged with {{Oversized image}} or {{Reuploadsmaller}} will also appear in this category.

Those from official sources or provided for pages in the main namespace will generally be tagged {{Oversized image}} and the need to resize them is only if it will not diminish the impact of the image or it is unlikely to be viewed at the larger size.

Images that are of a personal nature or only benefit a small group of users (a few friends, guild, server, etc.) will likely get the {{Reuploadsmaller}} tag. Owners or interested parties in these images are strongly urged to re-upload smaller versions and may be deleted if they are not. For images that otherwise follow guidelines and policies, admins may re-upload smaller version instead of deleting.

Please see Image guidelines for information on what size images to use on WoWWiki and how to reduce over-sized ones.

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