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This category contains each of the various playable classes and non-playable NPC classes within World of Warcraft.

It also contains the playable and non-playable classes/castes from the Warcraft RPG and Warcraft real-time strategy games.

In World of Warcraft, classes come in class and hero classes. In the RPG classes range from core classes to prestige classes.


Warcraft RPG - may not be canon This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus unlikely to be canon.

Sometimes the same terms used as a Class name are actually professions, or a hobbies rather than the actual Class. Not all who practice a profession or the hobby are members of the "Class". Any Class can "hunt", and be great "hunters" using the skills of whatever Class they have studied, but that doesn't necessarily make them members of the "Hunter" class. Those that do not make it into the hunter class may instead just have the hunter profession.[1] Does “gladiator” mean “Gladiator”? Fighting in a gladiatorial arena does not automatically make someone have the Gladiator class.[2]


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