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Inv misc food 92 lobster.png Neutral 15.png Chef de Cuisine 10 Achievement points
Learn 160 cooking recipes

Chef de Cuisine is an achievement that requires the character to learn 160 cooking recipes.


See the main article cooking recipes for detailed information about how to find every cooking recipe.


As of Pilgrim's Bounty 2009 there are 169 recipes available to players.

Two recipes are only available in specific circumstances.

The remaining recipes are available to everyone. To find and learn them:

  • The add-on AckisRecipeList can be used to track your progress
  • Learn any remaining recipes from the cooking trainer
  • Complete cooking daily quests and fishing daily quests:
    • 6 random drop recipes from the Shattrath cooking dailies (although the two rare ones also randomly drop from the Dalaran dailies)
    • 1 random drop recipe from the Shattrath fishing dailies
    • 24 recipes from the Dalaran cooking quests
  • Max your cooking to 450 so you can learn the most difficult recipe, [Recipe: Fish Feast]. At 425 cooking skill, only a few Dalaran recipes are still green and yellow, so you may need to buy extra Inv misc ammo gunpowder 05.png [Northern Spices].

Patch changes


Wowhead has a listing of 181 cooking spells; of these:


A confirmed bug reduces the count by one, as an unspecified recipe may not always be accurately counted. This was confirmed by a GM. (see discussion)

For some players, the achievement system shows a total recipe count one or two higher than the actual number known. This would enable those players to receive the achievement at 158 or 159 recipes. A reasonable explanation is that the system counted the two cookbooks that used to be required, and thus gave +1 or +2 to the count depending on whether the player was also affected by the confirmed bug mentioned above.


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