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Gaming fans have been waiting more than two years for the latest addition to World of Warcraft. Now, they can see Northrend’s icy steppes and uncharted mountains through the art and imagination of the creative team behind this epic game. Containing more than 150 drawings, concept art pieces, and final renders, as well as secrets of game mythology and development stories, this mesmerizing book reveals how Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed series gets made. Fans learn how Blizzard updated Arthas the Death Knight to be even more evil than in Warcraft III and how a new central character, Sindragosa the Frost Wyrm, was developed. Other features explore technical dimensions and Blizzard’s influence on the game world and beyond. Two 8” x 10” original art cards in a tipped-in-vellum sleeve and a 12-page booklet on the creation of Sindragosa make this a must-have for any WoW fan.

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