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Citizens of New Avalon resided in New Avalon before they were slain by the Death knights of Acherus. Most cowered and fled, but some fought to defend their homes with improvised weapons. Large mobs of them can be found outside Town Hall.

Be careful attacking the mobs outside of Quimby's office, sometimes numerous citizens attack at once, while others flee to get guards.


  • Cornered and Enraged - Increases the caster's attack speed by 100% and physical damage dealt by 200.
  • Terrified - Terrified!


They are involved in the following quest:

They also drop Crusader Skulls to give to Noth.


When Aggressive

  • Come then, <class>!
  • I won't go down that easy!
  • Is this the best the Scourge can do?

When Cowering

  • Ask for anything and you shall have it! Just spare my life!
  • Filthy coward! Get it over with...
  • I'll give you anything you want! Just let me live!
  • I'm too young to die!
  • The Scourge are running freely through the streets!
  • The... They promised that we'd be safe...

When Fleeing

  • The Scourge has broken through! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

Outside Mayor Quimby's Office

  • Everybody is dying! Help us!
  • I assure you this much, Quimby, you won't be getting my vote next term!
  • I want on that last ship! Don't leave us!
  • If you don't come out, we'll tear this place apart!
  • My whole family's been killed! Where was the army when we needed them most?
  • Naxxramas is gone? Who cares! Acherus is here now and the death knights are killing everybody!
  • No more lies, Quimby! We want answers!
  • QUIMBY!!!!!!
  • So much for the Scarlet "paradise"!
  • This is a slap in the face! We demand answers!
  • You're useless, Quimby!
  • We were promised safety! Security!
  • We're done for! Save us, Quimby!
  • What's "Crimson Dawn!" We deserve to know the truth, Quimby!
  • Where are those ships going, Quimby! Tell us the truth!

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