Cloud Serpents, a type of wind serpent, are found in Thousand Needles.

They are magical wind serpents with the ability to breathe lightning. Larger on average than normal wind serpents by at least half a foot, they also vary in color from sky blue to deep purple, with blue and/or green plumage. They are more aggressive, at least in part due to the fact that their larger size requires more food. Cloud serpents prefer to make their nests in the high cracks or infrequent oases of Thousand Needles, feeding on anything that wanders into their territory. Many live near the coasts of the area, feeding off fish and crabs.

Unlike wind serpents, cloud serpents hide among the clouds or in areas where their blue plumage matches the sky; on rare occasions, they hide in the waters of an oasis, ambushing unwary travelers. Preferring to avoid combat, cloud serpents spit balls of lightning from afar.[1]



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