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Were you looking for Cogwheel, the former Macros and UIs forum MVP or Neutral Specialist Cogwheel near Kolramas, Zul'Drak.

Cogwheels are new items introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm that function like Engineering-only gems (or jewels) that go into Cogwheel sockets. The cogwheels are only available from vendors in the Twilight Highlands and the major capital cities.

Types of cogwheels

Cataclysm Cogwheel, match UI-EmptySocket-Cogwheel.png cogwheel sockets.
Cogwheel Effects Requirements
[Flashing Cogwheel] +208 Parry Rating Engineering (525)
[Fractured Cogwheel] +208 Mastery Rating Engineering (525)
[Precise Cogwheel] +208 Expertise Rating Engineering (525)
[Quick Cogwheel] +208 Haste Rating Engineering (525)
[Rigid Cogwheel] +208 Hit Rating Engineering (525)
[Smooth Cogwheel] +208 Critical Strike Rating Engineering (525)
[Sparkling Cogwheel] +208 Spirit Engineering (525)
[Subtle Cogwheel] +208 Dodge Rating Engineering (525)

Vendors who sell cogwheels

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