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Command Center

Command Center before the Cataclysm

The Command Center of the Alliance

[79.0, 70.6]

is the base of operations for Stormwind's army officers, warrior trainers and hunter trainers, and is the location of a horse-stable with riding instructors and vendors.

Although it normally houses a large number of soldiers and commanders, most of the city's army has been sent away to distant battlefields, and the Command Center keeps only a skeleton crew of hardened veterans to train the city's militia.

The three famous Human warrior-trainers are Ander Germaine (male, lvl. 60), Wu Shen (male, lvl. 50), and Ilsa Corbin (female, lvl. 40), with Ander having the responsibility of being the leader in charge, and Ilsa being in command of mission assignments.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

The Command Center now has a lush, green area of its own, separate from Old Town and SI:7. Hunter-trainers have been added, as well as stables, and there are now Justice Quartermasters and Valor Quartermasters now.


  • Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Karin <Stable Master>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Darlene Stokx <Riding Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Sarisse Jume <Hunter Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Wulf Hansreim <Hunter Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Don Omar <Hunter Trainer>
    • Alliance IconSmall Mastiff.gif Gonzalez
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Alma Deering <Pet Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Wu Shen <Warrior Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Ilsa Corbin <Warrior Trainer>
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Ander Germaine <Warrior Trainer>