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Common is the level of item quality in between Poor and Uncommon or the battle pet quality above Poor and below Uncommon.


  • Common quality usually means the item is somehow useful, i. ex. a quest item or ingredient (such as Zhevra Hooves and Iron Ore).
    • Due to oversight or laziness, some useless items remain Common quality even if their function was removed in a recent patch.
  • The names of Common quality items will appear in white.
  • Equippable items of Common quality usually have no attribute bonuses.
  • Equippable items at Common quality and below cannot be disenchanted by characters with the Enchanting profession.
  • Most ingredient items are of Common quality.
  • The web color code for common itemlinks is #ffffff.
  • Quests from levels 1-10 usually reward common items.
  • Most vendors that sell weapons or armor offer common items.

Battle pets

  • The names of Common quality battle pets will appear in white.
  • They should have slightly better initial stats than Poor quality battle pets.