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Most citizens are commoners. They are farmers, shopkeepers, tavern owners, and simple craftsmen. They make the wheels of society turn; they chop wood and carry bags of gold ore from mines. The tauren weaver, the human beggar, and the amateur gnome novelist are all commoners. A village blacksmith who turns out horseshoes and iron pots is a commoner.[1]


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  • The RPG seems to have a contradictory usage of the term, as Anduin Wrynn would in no way be considered a "commoner" in any sense, even the ones described. In World of Warcraft, he became a priest by skill, but the RPG was written when he was very young and Stormwind was being run by a regent in his father Varian's absence. Anduin was probably lumped into the commoner class, because he had not been given any skills and they had no other appropriate class to put him in, though he was still an "aristocrat".

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