Conqueror Krenna is the master of Conquest Hold, the major Horde fortress in the Grizzly Hills. She is known for her impatience and her somewhat tyrannical rule of the Hold. She does not seem to care about the past accomplishments of any who serve her, just that they follow her orders. Her attitude and behavior are reminiscent of orc commanders of the Second War.

Her sister, Gorgonna, attempts to keep the damage caused by Krenna's heavy-handedness and lack of judgment to a minimum. For instance, in H [73] Tactical Clemency, Gorgonna sends the player with a letter to spare Sasha, a captured trapper, from execution. When the troll leatherworker, Hidetrader Jun'ik, attempts to substitute disguised grizzly hides for worg hides (his belief being that there would never be enough worg hide for her troops), Krenna orders his leg broken and Gorgonna, seeking to make it look real, kicks him in the leg to make it look like she broke it.

Through a long series of quests you need to do in Conquest Hold, you then get a quest for the Conquest Pit, an arena in the Hold. Eventually, Krenna discovers Gorgonna's actions and challenges her to a duel to the death, along with the player(s) who aided her in the Conquest Pit, as the final quest for the arena.



Objective of


  • Cleave- Inflicts 110% melee damage to target and any of it's nearby allies, hitting up to 3 targets.
  • Fixate- The target fixates upon the caster, making them unlikely to attack anything else. The caster's attack speed is also increased by 50% for 2 sec.
  • Pummel- PUmmels the target for 15 damages and interrupts any spell being cast by target for 5 sec.
  • Slam- Slam's an enemy to the ground, inflicting damage and stunning it for 2 sec.



"Do not think for a second that your past accomplishments entitle you to anything, <Name>. They don't.
If you want my respect you're going to have to earn it. This means following my orders without question and fulfilling them... without exeptions."
Before the fight, the women have words
  • Conqueror Krenna says: Good one, sister. What about your pet? Where is <player>?
  • Gorgonna says: It doesn't have to end this way, you know?
  • Conqueror Krenna says: You went behind my back. You neglected my orders. You will pay the price.
  • Gorgonna says: I used good judgement when you showed none. I don't want to see you lead us into ruin, Krenna!
  • Conqueror Krenna says: Enough talk! By the time, I'm through with you, not even the worgs are going to want to go near your corpse.
  • Gorgonna says: We'll see about that.

Krenna is killed by Gorgonna and the player(s) in the Pit, and Gorgonna becomes the new leader of the Hold. The leadership change is shown via the phasing system.

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