The World of Warcraft game client stores all of its configuration in the so-called Console Variables (CVars). These variables affect many aspects of the game, such as the graphics engine, the interface and the sound system.

There are several ways of setting the configuration variables:

  • - The World of Warcraft direct screen resolution to use and locale for the language.
  • /console command - Settings can be changed in-game using the /console command, which uses the same syntax as the file described above. Any modifications done using this command will be saved to this file.
  • WoW.exe -Console - This will allow you to call the debug console ingame by pressing ~.
  • SetCVar API command - for changing settings using addons

The syntax for the first two ways of changing a variable is:

SET variableName "value"
Red exclamation mark icon Manually changing a CVar may permanently override the settings made on the in-game configuration menu. For example, having cameraDistanceMax set in the file renders the "Max Camera Distance" slider useless. You will have to quit the game and manually remove the CVar line from the file.

List of CVars

This is a categorized list of console variables, along with a short explanation for each CVar.

The list is not complete; for a complete list, see Console variables/Complete list.


These are general variables that are only relevant for starting the game (or which are only read during startup).

accountName - Saved account name for login screen
checkAddonVersion - Disable loading of out-of-date addons
coresDetected - cores detected
expansionMovie - Display Burning Crusade intro at startup (This variable is reset to 0 after the video has been shown)
lastCharacterIndex - Number of last character that was used for logging in (initial selection for character screen)
locale - Game language code (e.g. "enGB", "enUS", "deDE", "frFR" ...)
heapAllocTracking - Enables/disables allocation tracking & dumping in SMemMalloc
movie - Display intro movie at startup (doesn't work in Burning Crusade game client)
movieSubtitle - Display subtitles for intro movies
readContest - Whether the user has accepted the PTR contest rules
readEULA - Whether the user has accepted the EULA
readScanning - Whether the user has accepted the system scanning terms
readTOS - Whether the user has accepted the Terms of Use
realmList - Realm list server to use (e.g. "")
realmName - Name of most recently used realm (displayed in the lower right corner)
showToolsUI - Enable the WoW Launcher
processAffinityMask - Which processor core to start WoW on


These are commands that only affect the drop down menu

help - Displays help and information for any command. (Eg. Help debug)
fontcolor - Console Font Color
bgcolor - Backdrop color
highlightcolor - Console text highlight color
fontsize - Font Size
font - Name of Font to use in console
consolelines - How many lines to display on screen at once
clear - clears all console text
proportionaltext - Spaces text out to cover the entire screen (E x a m p l e !)
spacing - specifies inter-character spacing, in pixels
settings - lists current console settings
default - returns console to default settings
closeconsole - closes console
repeat - repeats a command when entered


cameraDistanceSmoothSpeed - Default is 8.33. Values range from 0.002778-50. Changes speed at which you scroll-wheel zoom in/out.
cameraDive - Default is 1.
cameraPivot - Default is 1. (no idea what it does)
cameraSmoothStyle - Default is 0. Possible values 0-2.
cameraViewBlendStyle - Default is 1. Possible values 1-2. Camera moves from saved positions smoothly or instantly.
cameraYawMoveSpeed - Default is 230. Possible values 1-360. Changes the speed at which the camera can spin.


assistAttack - Start attacking automatically after using /assist
autoClearAFK - Clear AFK upon movement
autoDismount - Dismount when trying to use an ability
autoDismountFlying - ...even when flying
autoStand - Stand up when trying to use an ability [Introduced in Patch 2.3]
autoUnshift - Unshift/Unstealth/Leave shadowform when using an ability only usable "unshifted" [Introduced in Patch 2.3]
AutoInteract - Right-click to move
automoveturnspeedwide - ?
automoveturnspeednarrow - ?
autoRangedCombat - Automatically switch between ranged and meelee attack
autoSelfCast - Automatic self-casting
deselectOnClick - Sticky targetting
Joystick - Enable Joysticks
mouseInvertYaw - Invert left-right mouse motion
mouseInvertPitch - Invert up-down mouse motion
mouseSpeed - Mouse speed
stopAutoAttackOnTargetChange - Stop attacking when switching targets
targetNearestDistance - Tab targetting distance in front of you, default 41, max 50
targetNearestDistanceRadius - ?


anisotropic - Anisotropic filtering
baseMip - base level for mip mapping
bspcache - Binary Space Partition Caching
characterAmbient - Set the ambient value for characters.
DesktopGamma - Matches Windows' Gamma Settings
DistCull - Sets distance for culling of objects near farclip
doodadAnim - Toggle animated geometry
extShadowQuality - Enables Dynamic Shadows (WoW 3.0)
farclip - Set detailed draw distance; sets the fog distance. Only terrain will be visible past this distance.
farclipoverride - Allows overriding of preset limit for farclip (WoW 3.0)
ffx - Enable all pixel shaders
ffxDeath - Enable full screen death effect
ffxGlow - Enable full screen glow effect
ffxSpecial - Enables alternative on screen effects. (WoW 3.0 Wrath-Logo-Small.png)
ffxNetherWorld - Enable full screen "nether world" effect, e.g. for a Mage's Invisibility
ffxRectangle - Enables Widescreen Framebuffer
footstepBias - ?
fullAlpha - Enable full alpha on terrain doodads
Gamma - Gamma level
gxApi - Graphics API to use
gxAspect - Preserve aspect ratio for windowed mode
gxColorBits - Color bits
gxCursor - Enable hardware cursors
gxDepthBits - Depth bits
gxFixLag - Smooth mouse cursor
gxMaximize - When using windowed mode, maximize the window
gxMultisample - Enable anti-aliasing (e.g. "4" for 4x multisampling)
gxMultisampleQuality - Quality for anti-aliasing (?)
gxOverride - ?
gxResolution - Screen resolution (e.g. "1280x1024")
gxRefresh - Refresh rate in Hz
gxTripleBuffer - Enable Triple Buffering
gxVSync - Enable VSync
gxWindow - Windowed mode
horizonfarclip - Set draw distance for the horizon (terrain). When larger than farclip, will show 'shadows' of terrain in the distance.
hwDetect - Perform hardware detection for best values
mapObjOverbright - Enables Color Bleeding for Bright Lights
mapObjLightLOD - ?
mapShadows - Toggle map shadows
MaxLights - Maximum number of hardware lights
MaxFPS - Framerate Limitation
M2UseZFill - Enabled Z-Fill on transparent objects
M2UseClipPlanes - ?
M2UseThreads - Use multiple threads
M2UsePixelShaders - Enable pixel shaders for models
M2BatchDoodads - Enable handling of Detail Doodads in batches
M2UseShaders - Enable vertex shaders for models
M2Faster - Optimization level
M2FasterDebug - Enables developer dynamic control
UIFaster - UI acceleration level
nearclip - Clipping range for small detail doodads
occlusion - Disables rendering of objects that are entirely blocked by other graphics
particleDensity - Particle density
pixelShaders - Enable pixel shaders
PlayerFadeInRate - fade in rate for player mouseover
PlayerFadeOutAlpha - min fade out alpha for player mouseover
PlayerFadeOutRate - fade out rate for player mouseover
shadowBias - Blob Shadow transparency levels
shadowLevel - Level of detail for shadow mip maps
shadowLOD - Enables or Disables Blob Shadows
showfootprints - Enable footprints
showsmartrects - Deprecated in WoW 3.0
SkyCloudLOD - Level of detail for Sky
SmallCull - Affects the hiding ('culling') of small objects. Setting to 0 disables.
specular - Enable specular shading
spellEffectLevel - Spell Effect level
SplineOpt - Loading Screen Spline for travel
texLodBias - Texture Level of Detail Bias (?)
triangleStrips - Deprecated in WoW 3.0
trilinear - Enable trilinear filtering
unitDrawDist - Unit draw distance
useWeatherShaders - Enable weather shaders
violenceLevel - Changes the violence level of the game
waterLOD - Level of Detail for water (Locked)
weatherDensity - Level of weather effects
lod - Level of detail, toggles the level of detail option in the graphics menu


BlockTrades - Block trade requests
ChatBubbles - Enable chat bubbles
ChatBubblesParty - Enable party chat bubbles
CombatDamage - Enable damage display over target
CombatHealing - Enable healing display over target
combatLogOn - Enable combat log (?)
CombatLogPeriodicSpells - Enable periodic spells in combat log (?)
gameTip - ?
guildMemberNotify - Display notification when guild members log in or out
minimapZoom - Minimap zoom level (?)
minimapInsideZoom - Minimap inside zoom level (return the same zoom level as Minimap:GetZoom() when in indoors)
ObjectSelectionCircle - Size of the targeting circle ('0' disables)
PetMeleeDamage - Show pet meelee damage
PetSpellDamage - Show pet spell damage
profanityFilter - Enable profanity filter
rotateMinimap - Rotate minimap
secureAbilityToggle - Keeps players from accidentally toggling off by hitting the button more than once in a short (3 sec?) period of time
spamFilter - Enable spam filter
screenshotFormat - Screenshot format
screenshotQuality - Screenshot quality (0-10)
showGameTips - ?
showLootSpam - Show a message in the combat log with the amount of money looted when auto-looting
ShowTargetCastbar - Show your target's cast bar
ShowVKeyCastbar - Show target's cast bar under nameplates
scriptErrors - Show script errors (?)
scriptProfile - ?
statusBarText - Show the Player status bar values as text on top of the normal HP/MP/Energy/Rage bars
UberTooltips - Show "extended" tooltips
uiScale - Interface scale
UnitNameRenderMode - ?
UnitNameNPC - Show NPC names
UnitNameOwn - Show player name
UnitNamePlayer - Show other players' names
UnitNamePlayerGuild - Show guild tags
UnitNamePlayerPVPTitle - Show PvP ranks before player names
useUiScale - Enable interface scaling


Sound_EnableSoftwareHRTF - Enables headphone designed sound subsystem
Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverIndex - Device for voice input (Microphone)
Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverIndex - Device for voice output (Headset or secondary speakers)
Sound_OutputDriverIndex - Audio Device Selected
Sound_DSPBufferSize - Sound buffer size
Sound_EnableSFX - Enables SoundFX
Sound_EnableErrorSpeech - Enable error sounds ("Can't cast that yet!")
Sound_EnableMusic - Enables Music
Sound_EnableAllSound - Enables All Sound
Sound_ListenerAtCharacter - Set sound center to player
Sound_EnableEmoteSounds - Enable emote voices
Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForSelf - Enable armor damage sounds for player
Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForOthers - Enable armor damage sounds for NPCs and other PCs
Sound_MaxCacheableSizeInBytes - Max sound size that will be cached, larger files will be streamed instead
SoundMemoryCache - Sound cache memory size in MB
Sound_EnableMode2 - Enables Alternate sound processing
Sound_EnableMixMode2 - Enables and controls PCM Audio Quality
Sound_EnableHardware - Enable Audio Hardware Acceleration

Combat Log

CombatDeathLogRange - Defines the range in which players/mobs dying will be recorded in the combat log or not Wrath-Logo-Small.png

decorateAccountName - ? (0 or 1)
realmListbn - realm list server to use (default: "")


It is unknown what these settings do and which category they would belong to. They have not been tested and might be variables for internal/debugging use only.

CombatModeMaxDistance - Range for combat auto target
Errors - ?
ErrorLevelMin - ?
ErrorLevelMax - ?
ErrorFilter - ?
PlayerAnim - ?
ShowErrors - ?
TargetAnim - ?
timingTestError - ?
timingMethod - ?


frillDensity - Replaced by groundeffectdensity
frilldistance - Replaced by groundeffectdist
AmbienceVolume - Ambience volume
ChatAmbienceVolume - ?
ChatMusicVolume - ?
ChatSoundVolume - ?
EmoteSounds - Replaced by :Sound_EnableEmoteSounds
EnableAmbience - Enable ambient sounds
EnableGroupSpeech - Enable voice emotes (?)
EnableErrorSpeech - Replaced by :Sound_EnableErrorSpeech
EnableMusic - Enable music
EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG - Enable sound while the game is minimized
FootstepSounds - Enable footstep sounds
MapWaterSounds - Enable water sounds
MasterVolume - Master volume
MasterSoundEffects - ?
MusicVolume - Music volume
SoundBufferSize - Sound buffer size
SoundDriver - Sound driver
SoundInitFlags - Initialization flags for sound system (?)
SoundListenerAtCharacter - Play sounds at character
SoundMixer - Sound mixer to use
SoundMixRate - Sound mix rate
SoundNumChannels - Number of sound channels
SoundOutputSystem - Sound system
SoundReverb - Enables sound reflections depending on room size
SoundRolloffFactor - Sound rolloff factor (?)
SoundUseHardware - Enable hardware acceleration
SoundVolume - Sound volume
SoundZoneMusicNoDelay - Enables music looping
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