Constance Brisboise is a level 11 cloth armor vendor located in Cold Hearth Manor in the forsaken starting zone of Tirisfal Glades.


Relevant items
Inv shirt 07.png
[Woven Vest]
2s 96c
Inv belt 24.png
[Woven Belt]
1s 47c
Inv pants 06.png
[Woven Pants]
2s 98c
Inv boots 09.png
[Woven Boots]
2s 23c
Inv bracer 10.png
[Woven Bracers]
1s 48c
Inv gauntlets 23.png
[Woven Gloves]
1s 50c
Inv scroll 03.png
[Pattern: Blue Linen Vest]
2s (Limited 1)

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