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Anyone got a key?

Container is a general term for any item or object that can be looted or can store other items.

Examples of containers:

  • Any of various bag items that a player character can carry.
  • Any footlocker, sack, lockbox, etc. object that can be right-clicked (gear pointer) to open and loot.
  • Any of various chest objects that can be found around the world and looted. Some may be locked.
  • The water tub objects that appear on the ground during the Hallow's End event, which are looted for water to put out fires.
  • The water bucket item that appears in your inventory when you loot the water tub.
  • The Brewfest Festive Keg objects that appear on the ground during the Brewfest event, which are looted for a sample of Brewfest brew.
  • The [Blue Brewfest Stein] and the [Yellow Brewfest Stein] which hold the brew when you loot the keg.

Note that some conceptual items in the game are represented primarily by their container.

  • Other than by the containers, the water used to put out the fires during Hallow's End is only shown as a brief splash animation when you throw it, and by the gradual effect of putting out the fire.
  • Other than by the containers, the beer you loot from the kegs and drink from your Stein is only shown by effect when you are drunk, or as a health bar when the Brewfest Festive Keg is attacked by Dark Iron Dwarves.

Pointers for opening:

Pointer gear on 32x32.png in range to open Pointer gear off 32x32.png out of range