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Corborus is the first boss of the Stonecore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Tactics Summary

  • Normal: Move out of Crystal Barrage if Corborus casts it at your location. Healers can use an AE to get rid of all or most of Dampening Wave. When Corborus burrows, avoid the dust clouds (Corborus jumps out 4 times) and quickly kill Rock Borers until Corborus emerges, then finish him off.
  • Heroic: It is critical to AE the Crystal Shards that spawn at Crystal Barrage's location ASAP, or they'll chase down players and kill them.


  • [Crystal Barrage] 80 yd range—Deals 2060 damage every 0.5 sec to all enemies with 5 yards of the target location. Lasts 4 sec
  • [Dampening Wave]—Deals 2575 Shadow damage to all enemies with 60 yards. In addition, targets will absorb up to 400 healing. This effect stacks up to 20 times. Dispelling this effect will remove the entire stack


  • Tank and Spank for Phase 1. Players need to move when crystal shards are being cast under their feet.
  • When he burrows, it is important to stay mobile. Corborus digs through where the party stands and if a player doesn't move away from the debris it kicks up, they take damage and get knocked back. The adds are fairly insignificant. Repeat Phase 1 once he resurfaces.

Heroic Strategy

  • Everyone should move far away from Crystal Barrage when Corborus starts shooting it.
  • Where Corborus casts Crystal Barrage, soon after Crystal shards will start to float slowly towards random players in the group. These should be AOE'd down as soon as possible as each explodes on contact with a player (~40k damage)
  • Have the tank pull Corborus down to the rock wall at the end of the corridor and tank it there. When Corborus goes down, that leaves space and time for everyone to run back up and thus have an easier time avoiding Corborus jumps.
  • When Corborus burrows, avoid the dust clouds on the ground. That's where he'll be jumping around. Being there means that you'll most likely get hit and die. (On heroic Corborus jumps will hit for around 200k damage)
  • During the boss's burrowing phase the Shale spiders have a little more health and also do a bleed effect. These should be AOE'd down.
  • When the boss comes back up have the tank taunt it away from the party and down back to the rock wall. If adds are still up the DPS should AOE them down and then proceed to DPS the boss.

Rinse and repeat.


Normal Mode
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