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The Council of Six, also known as The Six, the High Council or the Ruling Council, is the name given to the Kirin Tor high council of Dalaran. These six individuals are the leaders of both the city and all territories under the control of Dalaran.


The council meets to discuss important issues and vote on matters — no single member holds sway, and the majority vote decides every issue. In case of a tie, the members reconvene a day later, during which interval each member considers his or her vote and all relevant information.[1] They meet in the Chamber of the Air, a room with no visible walls — the gray stone floor with its central diamond symbol stood beneath an open sky that shifted and changed rapidly, as if the time sped past within the chamber.

Traditionally, the membership of the Council of Six was kept a strict secret. When someone met with the Council officially, it was always in a special, enchanted chamber, the Chamber of Air, and the Six would be disguised to keep their identity a secret. Of course, in a city populated by magi, such efforts were not always successful, as Khadgar proved with little effort.[2]

More recently, it seems that the identity of the Council is less secretive, as Modera and Aethas Sunreaver sign themselves off as one of the Six.[3][4]

All current members of council were named in Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War.

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