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Cradle of the Ancients

The Cradle transformed.

The Cradle of the Ancients

[43.3, 69.3]

is located in southern Uldum, east of the Ruins of Ammon, south of the Obelisk of the Sun, and northwest of Neferset City. It is covered by sickly looking palm tress and populated by hostile animal life. The Desert Fox, the elusive prey of Commander Schnottz, can be found sprinting from place to place.

It is advised that players be aware of the flying Diseased Vultures, as they will attack in flight and have the terrible knack of knocking players from their mounts.



  • After players accept The Coffer of Promise, the Cradle is transformed into a lush oasis. All the mobs above, with the exception of the Vultures, are phased out. Reportedly the herbs found in this area prior to the phasing are also now unavailable!
  • During the Cataclysm beta, this area was known as the Shriveled Oasis.

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