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Crusaders' Pinnacle

Mockingly named by the Scourge, Crusaders' Pinnacle is a small mountain plateau northwest of Argent Vanguard and north of Dalaran in Icecrown.

[79.7, 72.3]



Prior to completing The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle the area is undeveloped, except for a Scourge tent, a few dead trees, and a platform. However, note that flying over the platform will dismount the player as if you were to enter a building.

The Battle for Crusaders' Pinnacle

The tower and encampment after the Battle for Crusaders' Pinnacle

The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle is the conclusion of a set of quests begun in Argent Vanguard and the Valley of Echoes. With the battle won, the Argent Crusade builds Justice Keep, supporting a mailbox, vendor, and a flight master, as well as several quests. While there's no innkeeper the inside does act as an inn.

Notable NPCs



"Justice Keep" was originally a name given to what became Valiance Keep by the time Wrath of the Lich King was released. This can be seen while doing the quest N [76] Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!. Argent Soldiers told to retreat sometimes talk about "retreating to Justice Keep", even though using the in-game timeline, it isn't even built yet.