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Note: For players, Curse Forge is now the only way to access the original Curse addon site.

Curse Forge is a large game AddOn site, intended for use by both players and developers. It has game-specific AddOn content for many games, such as World of Warcraft, Kobold Space Program, and others.

Curse Forge was first known for their extensive support for WoW Addons, which later grew to support many other MMORPGs and other types of games for AddOn community support.


Curse Forge and WoW Ace were originally both portals for AddOn development and support for Curse AddOns. Curse Media, which owned Curse Forge, was sold to Twitch, and later sold to Fandom (formerly known as Wikia). The remainder of Curse now operates under Curse Forge, which remains under Twitch.

Curse Forge is now the main portal for AddOns for players and developers.

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