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"Embrace the Darkness"

Dalvengyr is one of the dreadlords originally left in Lordaeron after Archimonde's departure for the Night Elven homeland. He and his kinsmen were not aware of their lord master's destruction, and unwisely continued to wait for word from him as they stood their posts in the passing months.

Following the reparations of the observatories in Dalaran's ruins by the blood mage Kael'thas, Dalvengyr led a massive force of undead into his territory and destroyed his outlying outposts. Grand Marshal Garithos ordered Kael to defend Dalaran at all costs, but then removed his foot soldiers, cavalry, and support teams (i.e. all human and dwarven troops) to bolster his own frontline. As a result of this racist folly, Kael was faced with a suicide mission until Lady Vashj arrived with her own forces to supplement his own beleaguered troops. Together, they initiated a counter attack that destroyed the dreadlord's's bases and culminated in Dalvengyr's death.


A believer in true strength, Dalvengyr was known among his peers as the great 'Hammer of the Legion'. As per the requirements of maintaining his reputation of brashness, he attempted to maintain control of Dalaran through sheer force of number and quick expansion of bases by capturing multiple gold mines all at once. Though he found difficulty in standing against both Garithos' and Kael'thas' forces, he was always a better warrior than a leader and may have actually succeeded if he had brought back up to a fight against a fledgling albeit determined Alliance.

In World of Warcraft

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  • He is referenced in WoW through a server named after him: Dalvengyr.

Level 10 Dalvengyr Statistics in Warcraft III

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

BTNCarrionSwarm.png BTNSleep.png PASBTNVampiricAura.png BTNInfernalStone.png
Carrion Swarm Sleep Vampiric Aura Inferno
Dalvengyr' abilities in Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne.
  • 1150 HP (same as a regular dreadlord)
  • 870 MP (+45% more than a regular dreadlord)
  • 44-54 hero melee damage (same as a regular dreadlord)
  • 6 hero armor (same as a regular dreadlord)
  • AttributesWarlock}
    • 42 Strength Primary Attribute (same as a regular dreadlord)
    • 25 Agility (same as a regular dreadlord)
    • 58 Intelligence (+45% more than a regular dreadlord)
  • Abilities
    • Carrion Swarm (multiple target damage in a line)
    • Sleep (incapacitates enemy)
    • Vampiric Aura (aura that makes melee attacks regain HP on their attacks)
    • Inferno (calls down an infernal with AoE stun where it lands)


  • His name maybe a combination of the words "dale" and "avenger".

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