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This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Dargonax was a twilight dragon created by Sinestra, who regarded the mighty creature as her child. He appears in the World of Warcraft novel Night of the Dragon.


Dargonax was reputedly the third twilight dragon created by Sinestra. Hatched from a black dragon egg infused with the energies of the captured nether dragon, Zzeraku, Dargonax rapidly grew into a gargantuan beast nearly equaling the Dragon Aspects themselves in size. His ambition and cunning grew along with his body, and soon he harbored a desire to overthrow his "mother" and conquer the world for himself.

He was eventually defeated when Zzeraku sacrificed his life in order to fatally destabilize Dargonax's physical form.


Like the earliest twilight dragons created by Sinestra, Dargonax had the power to vampirically drain magical energy from any source. He especially delighted in draining the power from dragons, and indeed this may be the very purpose the twilight dragonflight was created for.

Dargonax also seemed to acquire the powers or attributes of his victims, as when he completely absorbed the powers of the nether dragon Zzeraku, he gained the nether dragon's ability to shift into an ethereal form. This ultimately proved Dargonax's undoing however, as absorbing Zzeraku's energies caused a fatal destabilization of the twilight dragon's already unstable powers. Glowing as brightly as the sun, Dargonax burned away, taking Sinestra with him in death.


"I obey no one but myself... I am Dargonax, the Devourer of all, including you..."

"Good... good... and friends, they help friends, yes? Is that right?" (to Kalec)


If you defeat Sinestra in the Bastion of Twilight she has a chance to drop Inv misc rubystar.png [Dargonax's Signet].


  • "Dargonax" means "devourer" in draconic.