Darrowmere Lake

Darrowmere Lake (Darrow + Mere which means Lake of Darrow) is the largest lake in the Eastern Kingdoms. It is located in the southeastern part of the Western Plaguelands, and is one of the most symbolic places in the fallen kingdom of Lordaeron. At its center is the abandoned island town of Caer Darrow where the House of Barov sits. Inside and deep below the House of Barov is the Scholomance, the home of the Cult of the Damned and countless undead minions.


During the First war, Uther Lightbringer and other priests of Azeroth failed to prevent the dark forces from arriving into the world. The Northshire Abbey priest organization was eradicated by the orcs. When the remains of Azeroth walked to Lordaeron for an alliance, Uther the Lightbringer selected the Darrowmere Lake to start the Knights of the Silver Hand Order, the very first paladins. At the lake, they claimed loyality to the Code of Light.

This freshwater lake lies to the southwest in the Eastern Plaguelands. The Greenrush River, with origins in Zul'Aman, travels through the Eastern Plaguelands and finally empties into Darrowmere. This lake was the site of many naval battles in the Second War, though now it is in the Scourge’s hands and their filth pollutes the waters; more dead fish wash up on the shores every day.[1]

The eastern side of the lake is exposed to a constant breeze which carries with it fresh air blown down from the peaks of the Hinterlands. This is where the plaguemist is thinnest in all the Plaguelands, and traces of blue sky can even be seen reflected in the large lake.


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