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The Deadly Blunderbuss is a lower level Engineer-made gun.


Human Taking Aim

Deadly Blunderbuss requires an Engineer with a skill level of 105.

The components are:
Inv gizmo pipe 02.png
2x [Copper Tube]
Inv misc gear 06.png
4x [Handful of Copper Bolts]
Inv mace 11.png
1x [Wooden Stock]
Inv misc leatherscrap 05.png
2x [Medium Leather]

The recipe can be learned from the Engineering trainer.

Deadly Blunderbuss as a Quest Objective

This gun is a quest objective for the Horde quest Warsong Saw Blades given by Pixel in Splintertree Post in Ashenvale. The Warsong Saw Blades are used in the quest Warsong Supplies, the reward of which is a Superior (Blue) quality item. An enterprising Engineer might keep the Horde Auction House stocked with these guns since they are needed for this quest.

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