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Dealer Senzik

[44.5, 33.7]

is a level 60 jewelcrafting vendor located at the Stormspire in the contested territory of Netherstorm. He sells uncommon quality gems in limited supply.

See List of Netherstorm NPCs.

Vendor information

Color Name Effect
UI-EmptySocket-Red.png Red [Bold Tourmaline] +4 Strength
[Bright Tourmaline] +8 Attack Power
[Delicate Tourmaline] +4 Agility
[Runed Tourmaline] +5 Spell Damage
[Teardrop Tourmaline] +9 Healing
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Yellow [Brilliant Amber] +4 Intellect
[Gleaming Amber] +4 Spell Critical
[Rigid Amber] +4 Hit Rating
[Smooth Amber] +4 Critical
[Thick Amber] +4 Defense
UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue [Lustrous Zircon] 1 Mana every 5 seconds
[Solid Zircon] +6 Stamina
[Sparkling Zircon] +4 Spirit

Some uncommon gems can be purchased in very limited-supply, for 4g each.

Color Name Effect(s)
UI-EmptySocket-Red.png Red [Bold Blood Garnet] +6 Strength
[Bright Blood Garnet] +12 Attack Power
[Delicate Blood Garnet] +6 Agility
[Runed Blood Garnet] +7 Spell Damage
[Teardrop Blood Garnet] +13 Healing
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Yellow [Brilliant Golden Draenite] +6 Intellect
[Gleaming Golden Draenite] +6 Spell Critical
[Rigid Golden Draenite] +6 Hit Rating
[Smooth Golden Draenite] +6 Critical
[Thick Golden Draenite] +6 Defense
UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue [Lustrous Azure Moonstone] 2 Mana every 5 seconds
[Solid Azure Moonstone] +9 Stamina
[Sparkling Azure Moonstone] +6 Spirit
[Stormy Azure Moonstone] +8 Spell Penetration
UI-EmptySocket-Red.pngUI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Orange [Glinting Flame Spessarite] +3 Hit Rating +3 Agility
[Inscribed Flame Spessarite] +3 Critical +3 Strength
[Luminous Flame Spessarite] +7 Healing +3 Intellect
[Potent Flame Spessarite] +3 Spell Critical +4 Spell Damage
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.pngUI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Green [Dazzling Deep Peridot] 1 Mana every 5 seconds +3 Intellect
[Enduring Deep Peridot] +3 Defense +4 Stamina
[Jagged Deep Peridot] +3 Critical +4 Stamina
[Radiant Deep Peridot] +3 Spell Critical +4 Spell Penetration
UI-EmptySocket-Blue.pngUI-EmptySocket-Red.png Purple [Glowing Shadow Draenite] +4 Spell Damage +4 Stamina
[Royal Shadow Draenite] +7 Healing 1 Mana every 5 seconds
[Shifting Shadow Draenite] +3 Agility +4 Stamina
[Sovereign Shadow Draenite] +3 Strength +4 Stamina

NOT TRUE: These gems are not available from Senzik (5/3/2014) not even in limited quantity.

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