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The gates of Deatholme

Inside Deatholme


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is a Scourge citadel in the southwestern Ghostlands, marking the beginning of the Dead Scar. It is the major headquarters of the Scourge in Quel'Thalas, on the other side of the hills from the Scourge capital of Stratholme in the Eastern Plaguelands. It is crawling with level 18-20 undead. At its center is the Tower of the Damned, where Dar'Khan Drathir - the traitor who allowed Arthas into Quel'Thalas - resides with the other leaders of the Scourge in the area.

Deatholme is the largest Scourge outpost in the Eastern Kingdoms outside of the greater Plaguelands, and appears to be jam-packed with temples, ziggurats and slaughterhouses. The variety of enemies in the area include undead nerubians, banshees, wraiths (Eyes of Dar'Khan), and human necromancers with their skeletal minions. Dar'Khan rules this odd assortment from the Tower of the Damned, along with his undead lieutenants - Mirdoran the Fallen, Borgoth the Bloodletter, Jurion the Deceiver, and Masophet the Black.

Deatholme appears to be an attempt to concentrate the elements of the bordering Eastern Plaguelands - blighted soil, ziggurats and slaughterhouses, and legions of undead, albeit lower-levelled - into one area. Once you enter the gates of Deatholme, the sky also has the same reddish-brown tint found in Eastern Plaguelands.

It is believed that Deatholme was the elven village destroyed by Arthas and his forces in Into the Realm Eternal, the third mission of the undead campaign in Warcraft III.