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Despair is an epic two-handed sword that drops from Romulo and Julianne in Karazhan.

Warrior testing regarding the Impale proc

  • It IS modified by 2H talent, death wish, enrage, blood frenzy, rogue hemorrhage, world damage modifiers (stacking effects where applicable).
  • It IS NOT affected by impale talent (for crits).
  • It can miss, and be absorbed by shields.
  • It can't be dodged, blocked, or parried, and is NOT affected by armor.
  • It procs from white attacks, instants (that attack with your weapon), extra attacks, and can chainproc itself.
  • Impale hit/crit is independent of the attack that caused it to proc, and its damage does not generate rage.
  • Crit impale does not proc flurry.
  • It looks like approximately 3% proc rate with no internal cooldown. (35 procs out of 1064 attacks = 35/1099 = 3%)
  • In PvE it could make up 1-5% of your total raid damage because of the complete armor mitigation.
  • In PvP it can provide good burst damage, especially coupled with sword spec, to make even hamstring a deadly weapon.
  • Base: 600 Crit: 1200 e.g. 2H + Death Wish = 756 hit / 1512 crit
  • 2H + 5% world bonus
  • SS + WW + Impale

Paladin testing regarding the Impale proc

  • With Seal of Righteousness active, Impale does not produce a second SoR - the most at once was White/SoR/Impale.

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