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Devil is a term rarely used outside of Manual of Monsters Appendix III — in which it is a race and part of the Burning Legion like daemons and demodands. In other sources, it is mostly a descriptive word like "The clever devils of the western lands have a variety of techniques and skills that are emulated by others."[1] when speaking of smart individuals and their inventions.

In Manual of Monsters Appendix Three, the devils are mentioned and there are several types described: Skin Devil, Sleet Devil, Devil, Heartclutch, Screaming Devilkin, and a list of named devils, however, the validity of the source is disputed.


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Satan himself or a Warcraft counterpart

The notion of a main Devil does exist in World of Warcraft. However the identification of such an evil figure as a Warcraft Counter-Part is so far ambiguous. So far, Sargeras, Deathwing or a member of the old gods could be Satan. Kil'jaeden himself also looked like Satan, but is now proven to be not. So far a Satanic figure is not known, infact Sargeras himself was tempted to evil , implying the existence of evil before. If a Satanic figure existed, his abode would've been in the Twisting Nether, or the Dark Below but there are confusions of whether to identify these different locations to be the same as Hell.

The Designer, Architect

The Satanic figure is regarded as The Designer, a rank in many real life myths proving to be greater than God. Freemasons regard themselves as the architect as they have many symbols resembling architecture. The Designers are the ones who create the illusion of the world, such as the Matrix, Descartes's evil daemon, Plato's allegory of the cave or the Brain in a vat scenario. In Warcraft I, the Rank (WC1) of God is below the designer. This is also seen among the kabala where the Demons of the 11rth dimension supercede God. Also similar in Buddhism where in the 10 realms, the Mara are above God. Buddhist Mara's are demon like figures who're above God, and in Buddhism they're called the Architects of the Illusion.