Dolanaar, located in the center of Teldrassil, is a night elf village run by Talonkai Swiftroot. It is similar to Aldrassil in that it is a proving ground for young druids.[1] Just southwest of Shadowglen and can be reached in about a three minute run east from Darnassus. Dolanaar is the first town most night elf characters usually visit during their adventures after leaving Shadowglen sometime after level 5.

It has class trainers for all night elf classes, and some profession trainers.


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Class trainers

Profession trainers

Note: the Leatherworking and Skinning trainers are west of Dolanaar, on the road near Darnassus. The Enchanting trainer is in the far north of Teldrassil, at the Oracle Glade.


Flight Paths

Alliance Darnassus, Teldrassil