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Were you looking for the quest H [90] Domination Pointω τ ϖ? The scenario Dominance Offensive[Horde]] fortress on the northern part of a western island of the Southern Isles of Krasarang Wilds. it serves as a main quest hub for Horde questline Dominance Offensive, and is only visible to Horde and Alliance players after they picked B [90] Meet the Scout from their respective shrines, and launched their base in the following questline.

Domination Point is the western island located in the Southern Isles of Krasarang Wilds where Domination Keep, a Horde fortress, was built. Its Alliance equivalent is Lion's Landing.


Players who didn't complete the A [90] Lion's Landing / H [90] Domination Point are unable to see the fort. To get the first part of these quest chains (A [90] Meet the Scout / H [90] Meet the Scout) you must go to the Alliance Shrine of Seven Stars / HordeShrine of Two Moons and you will get it automatically.

Notable inhabitants

Vendors & services
  • HordeIconSmall Orc Male.gif Tonak <Innkeeper>
  • HordeIconSmall Orc Female.gif Kromthar <Flight Master>
  • HordeIconSmall Orc Female.gif Tuskripper Grukna <Dominance Offensive Quartermaster>
  • HordeIconSmall Orc Male.gif Ongrom Black Tooth <Collector of Commissions>
  • HordeIconSmall Hobgoblin.gif Simple Sal <Repairs>

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