Dorothee is a human boss in the Opera House in Karazhan, accompanied by Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, Dorothee's pet Tito, and followed by The Crone.

Dorothee is an homage to Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz.

shortcut iconSee also: Wizard of Oz for opera event details including tactics and loot table 


  • Water Bolt - Cast Time 1.5 seconds, Frost Damage 2025-2475, these are resistible with Frost Resistance.
  • Summon Tito - Summon Tito.
  • AoE Fear - Some form of AoE fear, not to be confused with Roar's fear effect.


She has no aggro table and will randomly blast with her Water Bolts throughout the fight. It seems that she enrages if Tito is killed before her, causing her to fire off the Water Bolts significantly faster.

Her Water Bolts cannot be interrupted or silenced, and Curse of Tongues has no effect on her.



  • Oh dear, we simply must find a way home! The old wizard could be our only hope! Strawman, Roar, Tinhead, will you... wait! Oh golly, look! We have visitors!

Tito Summon:

  • Don't let them hurt us, Tito! Oh, you won't, will you?

Tito Death:

  • Tito, oh Tito, no!


  • Oh at last, at last. I can go home.

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