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Place: Draenor
Outcome: Orcish Horde / Burning Legion victory

Burning Legion



The Dranei Orc War was a conflict between the Draenei and Orcs on the planet Draenor.


Prior to the demonic corruption of the orcs by the Burning Legion, the Draenei and orcs had lived peacefully with each other. After Kil'jaeden discovered the planet of Draenor, he contacted Gul'dan, and with the Blood of Mannoroth, corrupted the orcs.


Now corrupted by the Blood of Mannoroth, the orcs attacked the draenei. This bloody conflict lasted nearly eight years, but the orcs' triumph was unequivocal.


The orcs killed over eighty percent of the draenei race and sent the rest fleeing for safety to the remote corners of the world. Draenei who had fought the Horde and survived found that they had been affected by the fel energies wielded so freely by the orc warlocks. These draenei have since mutated into lesser forms, resulting in a series of subspecies. Velen and a handful of untransformed draenei have survived the destruction of their cities by the orcs and fled to Zangarmarsh. The ensuing slaughter united the orcs under a single mantle for the first time.