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Dragonhawk mounts became available with Patch 3.0.8 which added the Money achievement.png Mountain o' Mounts achievement, even though the dragonhawk models were already ridable as early as Patch 2.0.1 and flight masters in Quel'Thalas were given dragonhawk taxis with Patch 2.4. Three epic quality mounts are currently available to players. Of these, one is exclusively attainable by Alliance players and two are for Horde aligned players.

Mountain o' Mounts

See Alliance Money achievement.png Mountain o' Mounts or Horde Money achievement.png Mountain o' Mounts

The reward for earning this achievement is a dragonhawk mount. A blue one for the Alliance and a red one for the Horde.

Mount Parade

See Alliance Money achievement.png Mount Paradeω τ ϖ or Horde Money achievement.png Mount Paradeω τ ϖ

The reward for earning this achievement (added in Patch 5.3) is an armored dragonhawk mount, a blue dragonhawk for the Alliance and a red dragonhawk for the Horde.

Sunreaver Dragonhawk

Horde characters who are Exalted with the Sunreavers are offered the opportunity to buy the Sunreaver Dragonhawk for 150 Champion's Seal.

Trading card game

This mount is obtained by redeeming the associated Trading card from the "Twilight of the Dragons" expansion.