The Drakkari Colossus is a drakkari golem boss of Gundrak, an instance in Zul'Drak. He is made up of drakkari mojo fused together.

Attacks and abilities

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  • Emerge: Colossus casts Emerge at around 50% and 20% of his health. This is a 3-second cast that makes him immune to all attacks until the elemental he summoned is reduced to 50% and 0%. At 50%, the elemental returns to the Colossus. The next time he appears, you fight him from 50% to 0%.
  • Mighty Blow: ...
  • Mortal Strikes: ...


When you pull the boss, he will merge with the Living Mojos that surround him.

Until ~50% the fight is more or less tank 'n' spank. He then becomes unattackable and the Living Mojo spawn in a merged and more powerful form.

This Living Mojo will be like a normal tank 'n' spank fight, but every .5 of a second he will cast "pool of Mojo" on three people in the party doing 1000 damage on contact and 1000 damage per second if you stay in the pool. Be ready to move and hop around during this phase. Your healer is going to need to be on the top of their game in order to do this phase. It will also do a "surge" move which is like a warriors charge but has a casting time. it CAN be avoided if you move out of the way.

When the elemental reaches ~50%, the boss merges with it. It's more or less back to tank 'n' spank, only now the boss casts an AoE attack that hits you with a undispellable debuff that ticks for ~900 dmg.

Bring the boss to 1 health and the elemental reappears. Bring the elemental to 0% and the boss dies.

Heroic: This fight is easiest if the boss in elemental form is kited around the circle, stopping every few seconds to ensure all melee strikes make contact (out of range), since the boss will stop also. When the boss shifts at 50%, repeat this strategy and ensure you kite "around" the pools of mojo.

Any nature resist will help with this fight.

Paladin healer

Paladin healer may have difficulty healing the tank and moving with the group. To solve this problem, the paladin healer can put [Beacon of Light] on themselves. When they heal the tank and the DPS, the healing done to the raid offsets the damage they took standing in the mojo.


Normal mode
Inv shoulder 78.png
Inv weapon bow 34.png
Inv chest chain 13.png

Heroic mode
Inv shoulder 92.png
Inv bracer 16.png
Inv helmet 104.png
Inv belt 14.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png




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