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The Druids of the Antler are found in World of Warcraft: Legion Val'sharah that worship Malorne and spend most of their time in the wilds.


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Some tales say that Malorne fell in love with the goddess of the moon during the world’s first nightfall.

Her light guided him through the woods and showed him he was not alone. It banished fear and brought hope.

Many creatures have loved the moon and pursued her to madness. She grants light as she will, on her own timetable, and moonlight cannot be captured or possessed.

Even so, night after night, the White Stag chased her across the skies. He grew so swift and strong that at last he succeeded in reaching her.

She was so moved by his devotion and beauty that she made him her consort. To this day he loves the wilds best when they are lit by her radiance.
Have you heard the tale of the White Stag and the Moon? It is said the tauren hunted Malorne and nearly cornered him. To escape, he leapt into the sky, but his antlers became tangled in the stars.

No matter how he struggled, he remained trapped. When the moon goddess Elune found him there, she offered to free him if he would love her and end her solitude.

Ah, but that is only one version of the myth, a tale shaped by the proud hunters who have passed it down for generations. More than ten millennia ago, Malorne and many other powerful ancients fought the Burning Legion’s demons when they first invaded Azeroth.

He died nobly during the war, sacrificing his life so that his injured son, Cenarius, could be brought to safety and healing.

No parent could wish for a nobler death than to die protecting a child.

However, let me be clear; to ancients like Malorne, we are all their children. We are fortunate that he has been restored to life and returned to us.
Like Malorne himself, we spend most of our time in the wilds.

In these dire times, however, seclusion is a luxury no one can afford. We must stand together, or we will surely fall. The Dreamgrove is spread thin these days, I fear.

Malorne’s Refuge is a bastion of druidic power in the Broken Isles. We cannot let it fall.
Satyr have invaded our grove. They were once night elves, but pledged themselves to the Legion and became twisted by demonic magic. Such creatures have no place in nature.
Val’sharah has remained tranquil for ages, until recently. We’ve underestimated the danger. Have no fear, champion. We will not be caught by surprise again.

In the RPG

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They were a rumored circle of druids who revere Malorne. It is believed that the organization is dedicated to following Malorne's example and recreating his mighty powers — but this rumor has yet to be proven.[1] A member would be known as a "druid of the antler".

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