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Dun Algaz, Loch Modan side

Dun Algaz, Wetlands side

Dun Algaz is the tunneled mountain pass area between Loch Modan and the Wetlands.

The northwestern corner of Loch Modan contains Dun Algaz Gate. Dun Algaz was a great mountain stronghold in the Second War [1] (LoC 78), but following their defeat at Dun Modr, the orcs were forced to retreat south across the Thandol Valley to their secondary outpost at Dun Algaz. Lord Anduin Lothar ordered the destruction of their encampment in hopes of pushing the orcs even further back into Khaz Modan [2]. Ultimately, their assault was unsuccessful and Horde forces were still prominent in the area. It became the Horde's last hold.[3] (DotD 315)

Even today, the derelict fortress serves as the main thoroughfare from Loch Modan and the dwarven lands in the south to the Wetlands in the north. Long ago, few enemies could penetrate the mountains around Loch Modan, and Algaz Gate served as an effective barrier, so the region was once among the most peaceful in the eastern continents.[1] (LoC 78)

It is nestled between the two tunnel sections, in a small adjoining valley, and has played a significant part in keeping the road between Loch Modan and Menethil Harbor clear and safe for travel. In recent years however, the post was overrun by orcs from the Dragonmaw Clan, forcing the Dwarven Mountaineers to abandon the post and fall back to the upper tunnel of the pass.

Travel between the Dwarf homelands and the Harbor is far more dangerous as a result, and anyone passing through Dun Algaz must be either powerful or quick.

The WoW Game Manual denoted this place as "Algaz Gate". Dun Algaz Gate is actually the entrance to the Fortress.


Northern Dun Algaz

Dun Algaz is the blue area

In Warcraft II[4] and Day of the Dragon[3] (DotD 180), the portion of Dun Algaz held by the orcs is said to be somewhere north of Grim Batol and just south of Thandol Span, just south of where current Dun Modr is located. Dun Modr was north of Thandol Span. It appears that the ancient city of Dun Algaz may have once stretched across a major portion of the Wetlands region from Dun Algaz gate to somewhere just south of Thandol Span. Additionally Dun Modr may have been built on both sides of Thandol Span, with the bridge in between. Ancient dwarven ruins of once great dwarven fortresses and strongholds are said to be found throughout the region.[1] (LoC 79, 80)[5] (WoWRPG 17)