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Dungeon Set 2 is a type of item set. Each set consist of 8 pieces.

The items in this set can no longer be acquired. The quest to upgrade Dungeon Set 1 no longer exists as of patch 4.0.3.


Class Set
Druid} Druid Feralheart Raiment
Hunter} Hunter Beastmaster Armor
Mage} Mage Sorcerer's Regalia
Paladin} Paladin Soulforge Armor
Priest} Priest Vestments of the Virtuous
Rogue} Rogue Darkmantle Armor
Shaman} Shaman The Five Thunders
Warlock} Warlock Deathmist Raiment
Warrior} Warrior Battlegear of Heroism


The items that form these sets are quest rewards. The quests require, among other things, items from the Dungeon Set 1.

Step one: Bracers

Bracers are the first piece to be upgraded. The level required to start this quest is 58.

Items you will need

  • 20g

Quest chain

See: Dungeon Set 2/Bracers for quest details.

This completes step one and you will receive your dungeon set 2 bracers.

Step two: Belt and Gloves

Belt and gloves are next to be upgraded.

Items you will need

Quest Chain

See: Dungeon Set 2/Belt and Gloves for details.

This completes step two, and you will receive your dungeon set 2 belt and gloves

Step three: Pants, Shoulders, and Boots

Pants, shoulders and boots are next to be upgraded

Items you will need

Quest chain

See: Dungeon Set 2/Pants, Shoulders and Boots for details

This completes step three, and you will receive your dungeon set 2 pants, shoulders, and boots.

Step four: Helm and Chest

Helm and chest are last to be upgraded.

Items you will need

Quest chain

For details see: Dungeon Set 2/Helm and Chest

This completes the upgrade quests, and you will receive your dungeon set 2 helm and chest.


  • This item set is sometimes referred to as "Tier 0.5" by players.
  • On completion of the final step of the quest chain, you gain access to all four of the summon's from step four (Kormok, Jarien and Sothos, Mor Grayhoof, and Isalien) and the ability to summon Lord Valthalak again. You are also provided with a book that you can read in game for some background on and the locations of the summonable bosses.

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