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Eastwall Gate

Eastwall Gate is the side entrance to the city of Stratholme, located in the Eastern Plaguelands

[43, 19]

. The Eastwall Gate enters directly into the Elder's Square near the Alonsus Chapel where Aurius resides.

Access through the Eastwall Gate

  • Nothing is require to enter now, just right click.
  • Directly opening the gate using [Key to the City].
  • A rogue can pick the lock, if they have skill level 300.
  • You can die just outside of the gate and then walk through the gate as a corpse, and resurrect just inside of it.
  • If a player has passed through the gate with one of the above methods, they can use a lever located on the Stratholme side of the gate to open it and let their party members through (this lever can also be used to get back out of the gate, if you change your mind about going to the instance).