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Eastwall Tower

Eastwall Tower

[62, 42]

is a ruined tower located in the Eastern Plaguelands, and an objective in the Game of Towers world PvP event. It is situated close to Light's Hope Chapel, in the eastern part of the map. When players capture this tower, spectral NPC soldiers of the controlling player's faction mill around outside Northpass Tower.

Eastwall Tower's proximity to Light's Hope Chapel and the graveyard there means that, of all the towers in Eastern Plaguelands, this is the one most likely to be fought over, despite the lackluster reward.

N [60] Establishing New Outposts

In Cataclysm

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Eastwall Tower after the Cataclysm

The Argent Crusade now has control of the tower, have repaired it, and have added a neutral flight path to it. The hill is also covered in grass.[1]

Flight Paths

Neutral 15.png Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands
Neutral 15.png Light's Shield Tower, Eastern Plaguelands
Neutral 15.png Northpass Tower, Eastern Plaguelands
Neutral 15.png Plaguewood Tower, Eastern Plaguelands