Echo of Life is a belief system by some Forsaken that an echo of their former lives still exists in their undead state, and they try to gain access to it through the use of the arcane.

Some Forsaken can't get over the fact that they are, for all intents and purposes, dead. Some accept the fact without issue. Both of these reactions can lead to arcane use, as the Forsaken seek to hear the echo of life. Forsaken who can't bear their undead condition feel more alive when wielding arcane power. The surge of power, so addictive to living creatures, proves just as intoxicating to the undead. Some scholars theorize that this addiction is purely psychological; others claim that a Forsaken's unique physiology makes them more vulnerable to arcane addiction. Whatever the truth, Forsaken who wield arcane magic can become corrupted just as quickly as living creatures. Forsaken who long for life love the feeling of vitality that the arcane magic grants.

Forsaken who consider themselves dead and adjust to that fact might also wield arcane magic recklessly, believing themselves immune to magic's side effects. Such Forsaken hear the echo of life when channeling arcane power, but choose to disregard it. Most forsaken who seek the echo of life are mages or warlocks.[1]