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Elemental Sundering
Place: Elemental Plane
Outcome: Unknown

Ragnaros's forces

Thunderaan's forces


The Elemental Sundering was a 5000 years long battle, fought between elementals at the core of Azeroth.[1]

It was during this battle that the Firelord, Ragnaros, would seek to consume Thunderaan, Prince of Air.

The Lieutenants of Ragnaros, Geddon and Garr, perpetrated the betrayal against Thunderaan, who was caught unaware. The Firelord's advances were wholly unknown to Thunderaan, and before he could react, Sulfuras, legendary hammer of Ragnaros, struck an unmerciful blow, and Thunderaan fell, utterly defeated.

The Firelord feasted upon the essence of Thunderaan, but was unable to consume him entirely. He stored what little remained of Thunderaan's essence within a talisman of elemental binding. Ragnaros then shattered the talisman in two flawless pieces, and assigned them to his Lieutenants.