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Were you looking for the version as a boss in the World of Warcraft: Legion Emerald Nightmare raid, see Boss Elerethe Renferal?

Arch Druid Elerethe Renferal is an Alliance Quest Giver located behind the Dun Baldar North Bunker in Alterac Valley. She offers two repeatable quests, A [60] Crystal Cluster and A [60] Ivus the Forest Lord. Both quests require the turn in of [Storm Crystal] which can be found on the corpses on enemy players.

As of the 2.01 patch Crystal Cluster requires you to turn in stacks of 5 Storm Crystals and receive 20-21 Alliance reputation and 5 Stormpike Guard reputation (as a Human).

Turning in 200 Storm Crystals during the course of battle will start an event that causes the druids to march to the Field of Strife to summon Ivus the Forest Lord.

In The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm

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Druid Elerethe Renferal was present at the meeting with Hamuul Runetotem with a group of druids only to be killed by orcs from the Twilight Hammer Cult.


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It is revealed in World of Warcraft: Legion Legion, Elerethe Renferal now resides in the Emerald Nightmare as a spirit surrounded by confusion, fear, and hatred which caused her to become broken and twisted. Believing that the people she knew and had once crossed her path was responsible for her end, Elerethe was tragically trapped in a cycle of madness. During the time of the Legion Invasions, she set her sights on Alliance and Horde adventurers that were fighting against Xavius and intent on removing corruption of the nightmare forever. She was defeated and freed from her madness as she is now found within the Emerald Dream.


Soldiers of Stormpike, aid and protect us! The Forest Lord has granted us his protection. The portal must now be opened!

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