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Emulated servers, informally referred to as "private servers", are third-party (user-created) offline game servers for online games which do not normally support the use of such servers. This is not to be confused with games which support third-party servers as a normal feature, such as any number of first-person shooters. Playing on emulated servers through the use of Blizzard's WoW client is a breach of the World of Warcraft End-User License Agreement, which requires the user to agree not to connect to unauthorized emulated servers.

The servers

Emulated servers are usually created by writing or using custom emulation software which mimics the behavior of an official game server. For this reason, players are experiencing a third party product that may have new or different features and bugs from the official servers. Some servers offer incentives or advantages to play upon them such as custom or new items, access to cheap or free items and equipment, boosted experience rates and drop rates, disabled fall damage, access to inaccessible areas, the ability to go to war with your own faction, ability to go past the level 80 cap(aka: funservers), instant level 80, PVP- only (PVE Quests Disabled, instant 80 and a custom made starting zone with vendors to offer free gear, respec and other things) or even Game Master powers for certain users.

Blizzard responses

Blizzard has made substantial effort to prevent the authoring, distribution and hosting of third party Game Servers. Responses have included legal action against developers and sites hosting third party servers based on WoW code. Servers not based on WoW code have had no such legal action taken against them. Blizzard has not yet banned any users who connect to these servers, but in some cases, the users of private servers no longer have official server accounts.

Blizzard's current thinking circa 2016

On April 25, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment Nethaera put a blue post up that discussed how the issue of a retro or vanilla realms within the company (not speaking to emulated or private servers directly) has been debated written by Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Brack.[1] The summary version of the response was this:[1] 1) private servers need to be shut down to protect intellectual property rights, 2) maintaining a set of vanila-style servers is more technically difficult than people outside the company think (no specifics), and 3) the closest thing Blizzard might offer would be a "pristine realm" version of the game with all progression and XP acceleration elements as well as group finder turned off plus no access to cross realm zones.


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