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Permanently enchant a shield to give 15 block rating. Requires a level 35 or higher item.


Inv enchant dustarcane.png
12x [Arcane Dust]
Inv enchant essencearcanelarge.png
4x [Greater Planar Essence]
Inv elemental primal earth.png
10x [Primal Earth]


Inv rod felsteel.png [Runed Fel Iron Rod]


Taught by Inv misc note 01.png [Formula: Enchant Shield - Shield Block], a world drop recipe dropped by level 65+ creatures in Burning Crusade expansion areas.


At level 70, you gain 1% to your Block Chance for every 7.884614944458 points of Block Rating. Therefore, with this enchant a shield will block attacks 1.9% more than without. It is helpful in reaching 102.4% avoidance for uncrushability, where as the popular alternative of +stam would be prefered if the tank is already uncrushable.

When an attack is Blocked, it does not necessarily mean that the target takes no damage. A Block attack-result inflicts the same damage as a normal hit, but reduced by an amount "X" that's based on the Block value and Strength of the target, as follows:

   X = [(Shield block value) + ((Strength / 20) - 1)]. 

This enchant is often confused with Enchant Shield - Tough Shield - which adds + 18 block value. They are not the same thing. That enchant increased the amount of damage a shield absorbs when it blocks by 18, this enchant increase the chance to block by 1.9%.

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