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Ered'ruin description

The ered'ruin are a demonic species[1] that contains the doomguard. The doomguard have also been stated to be of the "doomguard" race.[2][3] As Doomlords are part of doomguard species they are Ered'ruin as well.

Related to the eredar?

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The ered'ruin may include races such as fiends and daemons as well. They may also be related to the eredar as suggested by the use of the term "ered" in their name. However this could be false, in contrast to the Ered'ruin, the Eredar are not pure demons like the Ered'ruin are, rather just corrupted by Sargeras. 


The name "ered'ruin" may be inspired by orodruin, the Sindarin name of Mount Doom in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. The Sindarin plural of "orodruin" would be "eredruin" ("mountains of doom").


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