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Erk is a level 2 orc child found near the watchtower little north of Crossroads. Erk brings Guard Kurall and the other guards some fresh fish from the nearby lake. He has a pet wolf called Fang.


<Walks to a pile of supplies in the room>

Hmmm.... Where is my fishing hook? Oh, there it is.

<Walks to the pond>

Let's see if the fish are biting.
Hmmm... I think I need better bait. I'll check my father's wagon.

<walks over to a wagon>

Quillboar scraps! These should do the trick. Fish love quillboar.

<walks back to the pond>

Let's give this a try...
Caught one! I'll see if any of the guards are hungry. Come on Fang!

<runs to the nearby tower>

I caught a fish if you are hungry...
Guard Kurall says: A nice catch at that! You bring honor to the horde boy, we thank you!
Zug Zug! Happy to help!

<Erk walks back to the hut>

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