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The Eye is a region in the South Seas. It is located in the center of the Maelstrom. On the surface there is not much except a vast swirling arcane storm. The Maelstrom creates a giant whirlpool leading into the Eye. Beneath the water, this has created a wall of water which makes accessing the Eye difficult. When Brann Bronzebeard visited it, he said "Indeed, I saw more forms of life in the Eye than I imagined existed in all the world." because besides the various creatures he found, there are also water elementals, octopi, sharks, hydras, threshadons, frenzies. and giant squid.

Within the waters of the Eye are the opposing empires of the makrura and naga. The makrura live in the city of Mak'aru, while the naga live in the city of Nazjatar.

Locations within The Eye


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