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Fallhaven is a human farming village in Drustvar. The villagers are cursed by Helena Gentle with some unfamiliar magic that makes them unable to move or respond.


Fallhaven was a simple village responsible for growing crops and pigs. Led by Mayor Cyril White the village saw no major problems. All that would change when Helena Gentle came to the village. She cursed their livestock and left them frozen in time, alive but unyielding.[1]


After losing contact with the village, Kul Tirans send in an adventurer of the Alliance to find out what is going on. He discovers that the villagers are all frozen in time and that a person named Helena Gentle is who they believed was causing all the problems. The adventurer goes to find the woman and after slaying her, he uses her magic to destroy the large effigy in town, freeing the villagers from their curse. Life would then resume back to normal.[2][3]


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