The Fallow Sanctuary is an outpost of a tribe of draenei Lost Ones, simply called "Lost Ones", who live on the world of Azeroth. All the draenei here have been driven mad with homesickness and turned completely feral.


This town lies in the north of the Swamp of Sorrows, in view of the Redridge Mountains. A group of devolved draenei, a race who shared a homeland with the orcs, fled their world, Draenor, when it shattered with the Dark Portal and took residence in this area, where few would follow. Due to Swamp of Sorrow's proximity to the Dark Portal and its remote location from the Alliance, the Burning Legion and Scourge, it made a suitable place for the draenei to settle. The draenei discovered that the northern swamp's remoteness suited them. This vicious draenei sequestered themselves from outsiders.

These Lost Ones have managed to make a life for themselves in the swamp and make plans to wipe out the hated orcs. The Fallow Sanctuary sends its spies and assassins to raid Stonard — presumably to steal supplies, but if several orcs die in the process, the draenei won't mind. They have managed to plant water-loving crops in the drier areas of the swamp and can feed themselves with those and with meat from the area's monsters.[1]



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